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Immerse your organization in a culture of meaningful innovation into your organization's DNA.

Be ready for any challenge!

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KREATUM is a serious business board game that boosts co-creation, and creativity by instilling an innovation mindset in your teams to turn your company challenges into real opportunities!

  • Identify your company's challenges by training critical thinking and analytical skills

  • Boost teamwork skills by fostering creative thinking and co-creation

  • Discover real and innovative solutions to solve challenges

PGS is KREATUM US's exclusive official licensed partner.

DANA is a startup company dedicated to improving women's mental health as they transition to motherhood.

Through the development of its mental health and wellness app for new mothers (covering pregnancy, postpartum, and early parenting), DANA’s vision is to create an ecosystem for a healthier and happier future for generations to come.

Download the Impact case and learn how we supported Dana!

Thank you! We hope you'll enjoy the impact case!

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